vakantie Fenna Rome

I am Palestinian, born in Syria, living in the Hague/Netherlands.

Play the Ud “Arabic Lute”, Composer, Music Teacher.
Studied at the Music Institute in Homs/Syria, and Music Education at the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague/Netherlands.

Wrote a book “Eastern Musical Theories” and book “Reading the Musical Pieces”.

Participated in to many musical works as “Solo, Band member, Workshop Leader, Music Teacher” in the Netherlands, Syria, Switzerland, Belgium with to many organisations and foundations like “ Hague Projects, United Nations, Canegie Peace Palace, Justice and Peace, Amnesty International, Hague Talks, VluchtelingenWerk NL, Musicians without Borders, De Vrolijkheid, Bijnlands Lyceum, Musical PostCards.

I am a private music teacher. Click here and read the interview with Cultuur Schakel
Teacher & Founder of The Hague Children Orchestra for Peace

Experienced and reliable music teacher,Academic teaching for “Piano, Violin, Cello, Accordion, Qanon, Bozok, Guitar”
Specialised in Ud (Arabic Lute)
Teach origins of both Eastern and western theories.

For any question please send an Email: [email protected]
Amer is the director of the educational project at Music for Peace foundation.

Peaced Together: Dakota Lupo

TRT: The Music Reunion

CNN: Bill Weir

Music with Children: Peace Palace

23 september 2018 Lezing door Steven Wilson (hoofd Europol EC3) voor internationale studenten van de World Class The Hague. Aansluitend wordt de The Hague Just Peace-app gelanceerd door wethouder Bruines. En zal er een informeel debat plaatsvinden met studenten over de VN. Museon te Den Haag

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