Samar Music

The ensemble consists of Amer (Ud), Janneke Groesz (flute), Martijn Willemsen (bass) and Karim Darwish (percussion). We combine different culture and musical backgrounds. We share one language in the world


Trio NUR

Capturing the timeless musical traditions of the Levant, Trio NUR features Hamed Alshaabi on Ney (Arabic Flute), Amer Shanati on Ud (Arabic Lute) and Karim Darwish on Riq (Percussion).


Solo Ud

Amer gives the special art on the strings of this instrument and makes you travel with him on a beautiful musical trip.


Duo Ud & Riq

Refined sounds of the Ud accompanied by a rhythmic display on the Riq and other percussion instruments.

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